Get seriously qualified projects sent to you before you hit your next dry spell.

Let's face it. Taking action works. You make 2X more revenue when you email clients during a dry spell than if you do nothing. You might be thinking: Well duh! Of course you make more money if you don't just sit there!

But the truth is most freelancers wait for work to come to them. Why? Because it takes too damn long to find projects. And it means you're leaving money on the table.

That's why I created a service that cuts down 90% of the work. You get a trained lead-generation team at a fraction of the cost. You'll be able to finally focus on pitching your services, while we save you hours scrubbing the web for real active projects, like:

Website design & dev
UI/UX interaction design
Front-end development
Wordpress dev
Meteor (JS) dev
Node (JS) dev
Graphic design
Mobile development
Marketing / writing
Ruby on rails

Get access to great projects like these on autopilot, plus way more (private RFP's, exclusive job posts, google docs, social media posts) right now. Save time and pitch more. Get started risk-free right now.

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