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The 25-Best Freelancing Articles of All-Time

  1. A (Proven) Freelancer’s Guide to Growing Your Business – Paul Jarvis
  2. The Email Line That’s Client Repellent – Robert Williams
  3. From $100-an-hour to $X0k-a-week consulting – Patrick McKenzie
  4. Prequalifying Clients – Dan Mall
  5. The Freelancer’s Guide To Recurring Revenue – Brennan Dunn
  6. Dissecting Great Sales Copy For Productized Consulting – Patrick McKenzie
  7. One year of Draft Revise – Nick Disabato
  8. Is Productized Consulting Really a Good Fit for my Business? by Kai Davis
  9. Fuck you, pay me (video) – Mike Monteiro
  10. How I Marketed My Agency so Well I Turn Clients Away Daily – Kurt Elster
  11. 13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations – Mike Monteiro
  12. Why you need to design the experience of working with you – Marie Poulin
  13. How I charge 30k-60k for simple WordPress websites – Sean Vosler
  14. Don’t Hide Behind My Rules. You Have One Priority. – Jesse Mecham
  15. How to get perfect client feedback everytime – Robert Williams
  16. User onboarding: not just for HR and growth hackers – Paul Jarvis
  17. How Better Customer Service Attracts and Retains Better Clients – Paul Jarvis
  18. The secrets to budgeting as a freelancer – Paul Jarvis
  19. How to use Job Boards to Find Hundreds of Potential Clients – Robert Williams
  20. How to Make Freelancing Into a Durable Business – Nick Disabato
  21. How much should custom development cost? – Jeremy Green
  22. The Complete Guide to Finding and Selling Ecommerce Clients – Brennan Dunn
  23. Say What You Think – Blair Enns
  24. Feast or Famine – Jarrod Drysdale
  25. How to get the work you want – Dan Mall
  26. Get Paid! – Mike Monteiro
  27. Are big client projects actually losing you money? – Robert Williams
  28. Breaking the Time Barrier – Mike McDerment