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I’ve now helped freelancers all over the world find over $1 million USD in client work. It took a while to nail down the process — so I’d like to share it with you now in hopes you skip years of testing different methods. 

That way, even if you don’t end up buying this service from me you can still have the same success yourself. Here’s how I’ve found over 10,000 great clients in just a few years:

High-value gigs found monitoring job boards

It turns out the best job board for high-value freelancers is ALL the job boards. The reason? Great clients are all over the web not on any one site. If you monitor 300+ job boards daily, you WILL find projects that are a match for you.

RFP's from all over the web

On top of job boards I find additional opportunities on Google (filetype: pdf), Linkedin, Twitter, and even the FB (occasionally). I do custom searches for projects that aren’t listed on job sites.

Hand-qualifying of each lead

Background research is key to finding great clients. I get more information about every lead I find before I send it out. That means all of my leads have a name, email, photo, and my deep contemplating / beard-rubbing stamp of approval before they get sent out. A real human looks them over. I know because that human is me.

Warm referrals

This is the newest thing that I’ve added to my system. (I’ll be writing about this more soon.) I now do outreach for every lead I find, myself. I email each lead and get additional information about the project, and refer it to someone in Workshop. Simple — but amazing results.

Paid to refer clients

Workshop members get $50–$100 for every paid job post they refer to Workshop. With just a couple referrals you literally get paid to use the service.

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