Get a rolodex of UX design prospects you can email in minutes over your morning coffee

Have you ever thought: “if I could just get more clients on the phone, I would sell more projects”?

I hear that all the time when I ask design firms about dry spells. And you’re right. You land more work when you’re in front of the right clients more often.

But it’s a time suck to separate the right opportunities from the wrong ones all by yourself.

There’s thousands waiting to be discovered but it takes sifting through old emails, job posts, tweets, forums, and more.

It takes so long that nearly everyone avoids it.

The fact is, job boards aren’t designed for project work — and if you’re loaded with billable hours, you don’t have time to sort through them every day.

The result is you never hear about 90% of the opportunities out there.

Worse, once you’re finished with a project, and have all this time again, you’re left scrambling to find work. That leads to wasted time – or accepting work from bad clients (just so you can pay the bills).

UX and frontend design firms, you don't have to live with feast or famine anymore...

Here’s the facts: it’s way more effective to strategically contact a few opportunities every week, instead of waiting until your schedule (or wallet) is empty to drunkenly spray out cold emails to a flurry of people.

But finding the right leads takes time (at least a few hours a day) and as a designer, an hour of your time alone is worth close to $100. That means you’re looking at a loss of over $2,000+ billable time per month!

In a perfect world, great leads would come to you.

This would allow you to save time, and get right to the important part: pitching clients and landing contracts.

But how much would that cost?

If you paid someone $10/hour, and they spent 2 hours a day gathering leads, you’d be looking at $600/month.

That’s too much money. Plus who knows if they will ever be able to find good UX design projects? (After all, at those prices you’ll have to find them on upwork.)

Instead, for the price of a cup of coffee, you can pay me, a professional designer, to find all of the best design leads on the web each morning.

Ask anyone who’s hired lead gen like this, and they’ll say it’s usually really expensive, like 30% of your total sales. So if you landed a $10,000 contract, they might ask for $3,000!

I have something better: for a small monthly fee, you’ll get the best UX and frontend design leads sent to your inbox, every day. You don’t pay any commission at all!

Introducing: Workshop, a hands-free lead-gen service for UX design firms...

You generate a consistent flow of clients and revenue for your business - and skip spending your time looking for leads (or hiring someone expensive to do it).

All you have to do is send a couple short personal emails every few days to have multiple sales conversations going on at all times. This will let you focus the rest of your time exclusively on billable tasks.

“I’m already impressed. I just sent inquiries to two Workshop leads on my first day! If it's this easy, it’ll be well worth the monthly price, and certainly a great way to keep my sales funnel filled.”

Kurt Elster, Ethercycle

“On the first day I used this, I contacted 3 prospective clients and got three emails back. One of those turned into a solid gig. It's totally worth it so far.

A big reason why is that I know they'll be 100% freelance-friendly frontend leads and I don't have to do any thinking about whether it makes sense for me to apply or not. Thanks for creating Workshop!”

Jason Swett

“Man you are really kicking ass. I feel like you're doing all of the work and I just get to be all la-tee-da over picking who I reach out to. Keep up the good work! I've been super pleased with my choice to invest in Workshop. You've proven to be a low-risk way to get more leads to my door and as a busy owner, you're exactly the type of person I want to work with for a long time. Please don't stop!”

Nick Hance

“I wrote to two contacts from the first Workshop email I got. I already made an appointment for a Skype call with one of the two. It’s 50% conversion for now, not bad at all ;) Looking forward for the new email today.”

Manuele Capacci

“I’ve been relying on word-of-mouth for work and this has been a nice easy way to start up that process without wasting time filtering through all the junk I was worried about.”

Curtis Herbert

“Thank you creating this Workshop for freelance design opportunities. I already found a gig I am interested in applying for.”

Stephanie Jadotte

“I feels absolutely amazing not having to check job boards. Wading through all the crappy jobs to find the good ones was tough enough. I'm no longer stressed about what comes next. The leads in workshop are amazing and I look forward to your email everyday. Thanks for a wonderful project.”

Patrick O'dwyer

So, where and how do you find leads?

My process is outlined in detail here for all to see. I even recommend trying it yourself for free for a few weeks so you know exactly what you will get.

The gist of it is this: I’ll sort through thousands of job posts, industry websites, and communities to find you relevant opportunities.

The truth is there’s a lot of crappy job posts out there, and it’s crazy to expect a busy UX design firm to keep up with it all!

I will automatically comb through the following websites and more so you never miss a good project:

Can I just find these leads myself, for free?

Yes, you can. But you haven’t, and you never will. Committing to finding a set of leads day-in and day-out is tough, and intuitively you know your time is too valuable for that.

What kind of results can I expect? Will this replace my sales funnel?

No, this isn’t a replacement for your entire pipeline. This is just a way to start conversations and meet people outside of your network with active gigs. Workshop’s delivery of 10-30 monthly outbound leads work best with a healthy dose (5-10) inbound leads. It will add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

What kind of leads will you send me?

Workshop is focused on contract UX and frontend design gigs. We find most of our leads on job boards (hidden amongst thousands of full-time gigs we remove).

We verify that each lead includes an email address, a realistic project outline, and is open to remote contract-based work. Members say that the leads I send reply at a higher rate than outreach they’ve done in the past.

But they also have an unfair advantage. Job boards and prospecting no longer suck up all their billable time, so they’re better at contacting leads because they no longer teeter-totter between work overload and an empty checking account. Some have landed huge projects, or even full-time remote dream jobs from Workshop’s emails. All have saved the most precious thing of all; time.

I’m outside of the US, is that a problem?

Not at all. If you have a solid grasp of the english language you can and will win work from these leads. Workshop has top freelancers from all over the world, including places like Europe, Asia, and basically every other continent in the world who are loving the service. All leads are 100% remote and open to remote freelancers anywhere in the world, so I’d suggest you sign up and see if it’ll work for you.

Who are you?

Date Rob. Nice to meet me. I owned a design firm and created this service because I wished something like it was available for me. I’m excited to share it with you now because I know it’ll help you spend more time somewhere else like with your family.

What type, how many, and how often (etc.) will the leads be sent?

Workshop is about less. Allowing you to do less and get better results. So it’s just as much about the leads I don’t send as it is about the ones I do. The thousands of leads I eliminate from your life completely make the handful I do send more important. The fact is you don’t need all that many leads to make a lot of money; you just need the right leads. You can email me for a sample of leads.

Workshop emails are hand-crafted everyday.

There’s no algorithm. No scraping tools. Just me following my own process of generating high-quality outbound leads that meet the following criteria:

They MUST be freelance leads, not full-time work. They MUST be remote, and open to freelancer’s anywhere. They MUST be quality projects (nothing below $1,000). And there must be an email attached to the lead.

If that sounds good to you, let’s get started.

Here’s how.

Step 1. Buy my book: Emails That Win You Clients

This my prerequisite for signing up to my lead service because it will make you 10x more money from the leads I send you.

Buy the guide • $49

100% money-back guarantee. Read it in 30 minutes.

Step 2. Sign up for my UX design lead service

Get infront of the right clients everyday. Email them in minutes. Win projects.

Get 1000+ leads • $799/year

Only $.79 per lead. No-risk, cancel anytime.

Prefer to pay quarterly?

Note: I only let in a maximum of 5 new accounts per month. Once I hit 5, that's it - so sign up now before we sell out.