The Best Resources for Freelancers and Consultants

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Forget trello, Red pen or creating your own site. Just use basecamp to manage your projects. Your clients already know how to use it.

YNAB’s four rules will totally change the way you think about financing your business. Quickbooks is overkill for most freelance businesses.

Email is one of the biggest tools you can use to land more work. Automating your email marketing will give you an unreal advantage over 99% of freelancers.

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Finding New Work Opportunities

  1. Emails That Win You Clients Favorite

  2. How to use job boards to win freelance work every month Favorite

  3. A (Proven) Freelancer’s Guide to Growing Your Business Favorite

  4. Prequalifying Clients

  5. How I went from $100-an-hour programming to $X0,000-a-week consulting.

  6. How to Get the Work You Want

  7. Feast or Famine

  8. 5 Unconventional Ways To Attract More Clients

  9. Say What You Think

  10. How to Design Your Portfolio to Get Hired

  11. How One Cold Email Landed Me A $15K Consulting Project

  12. Crafting the right questionnaire to attract clients you'll love (podcast)

Productizing Your Service Offering

  1. The Freelancer’s Guide To Recurring Revenue Favorite

  2. Dissecting Great Sales Copy For Productized Consulting Favorite

  3. One year of Draft Revise

  4. How I Marketed My Agency so Well I Turn Clients Away Daily

  5. The Five Dollar Logo

  6. 3 Great Examples Of Productized Consulting Services

  7. How Kurt Elster Turned A Struggling Startup Into a Successful Web Design Business (podcast)

  8. Quitting consulting via Productization (podcast)

  9. From Freelancer to Bootstrap Product Launch w/ Rob Walling (podcast)

Structuring Your Business

  1. Fuck you pay me (video) Favorite

  2. Design Is Not An Investment: An Interview With Mike Monteiro

  3. It’s ok not to use tools

  4. What to Remember When You’re the Boss

  5. Jeffrey Zeldman: 20 years of Web Design and Community (video)

  6. Don’t Hide Behind My Rules. You Have One Priority.

  7. PACE: A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Complete Cash Flow Clarity

  8. Stop Freelancing

Customer Service for Consultants

  1. How to Get Perfect Client Feedback Every Time Favorite

  2. How Better Customer Service Attracts and Retains Better Clients

  3. User onboarding: not just for HR and growth hackers

  4. Our Secrets for Success, Working with Clients and Staying Current

  5. You’re my Favorite Client

  6. How to Avoid Problem Clients

Pricing and Positioning Client Work

  1. Breaking the time barrier Favorite

  2. The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms Favorite

  3. Charge What You’re Worth

  4. How to land more clients with persuasive fees

  5. How to establish your small design business

  6. The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

Tools for Consultants

  1. The Magic Email Favorite

  2. Get paid on overdue client invoices Favorite

  3. Frictionless Freelance Field Guides

  4. Value-Based Fees Proposal Template

  5. Curated HD Video Free For Your Personal and Commercial Use

  6. Quaderno: Invoicing for Stripe

  7. Bidsketch: The Best Proposal Software

  8. Freckle: The Best Time-tracking Software

  9. Project Pulse: Automated project status update pages

  10. Bench: Bookkeeping Services for Your Business

  11. How much do you stand to make

  12. Remarq: Create client documents quickly

  13. Obies Master service agreement template

Courses for Freelancers and Consultants

  1. The Creative Class

  2. Double Your Freelancing Rate

  3. Productize

  4. Double Your Freelancing Clients

  5. Earn Your First $1,000 Freelancing