Everyday you see job posts, tweets, and other opportunities go by. Companies everywhere are looking for a freelancer like you – but when you contact them, you don’t hear back.

You know you can help these companies, so why don’t they respond to your emails? Worse, why does contacting a business you can help, feel spammy?

You don’t want to send a bunch of shitty emails, cross your fingers and hope you’ll hear back. You want to write emails that you’re confident in. You want to present the true value of what you can do for potential clients.

But when you sit down to write it doesn’t come out that way. You tense up. A surge of ideas hit you. You want to encapsulate every bit of yourself in your email.

Yet every word you write makes you feel less confident. Before you know it, you’ve re-written it a hundred times and you’re still not happy. Staring at a blank screen, you ask yourself:

“What should I say first?” “What if I sound spammy?” “How do I frame myself?” “What’s the right tone for this email?”

You don’t know the answers so you highlight it all and hit delete. It’s only a few more seconds before you give up and close the tab. You asked yourself the wrong questions.

You never thought freelancing was going to be like this. You hoped to build your dream business. You didn’t picture it like this: stressed, alone, and curled up in the fetal position because you haven’t found work in weeks.

What if instead of waiting, clients flocked to you whenever you wanted?

What if you knew the exact recipe for writing a perfect email? What you sent emails that gave you the best chance at landing a client?

You don’t want to wait for work to come to you anymore. You want to be a top freelancer that attracts work strategically.

What if you could skip the years of trial and error and just send amazing emails on-demand? What if you could leap-frog all those freelancers on hacker news that say dry spells are just a part of the game?

Imagine if you could make it easy to write any client the perfect email, by following a step-by-step guide (not a script).

Better yet, imagine if by doing this you could double the number of replies you get… overnight. If you could unlock the most fulfilling, meaningful freelance work of your career – what would it mean to your business?

It would mean more clients and access to better, more profitable projects. Best of all, it would mean working less and getting more out of your limited time.

Double the amount clients in your inbox that are eager to work with you.

This book comes from a 12-month long series of strategy sessions with over 50+ freelancers who were struggling to hear back from clients. Every chapter and resource included is pulled from the best breakthroughs in these sessions and have been tested by hundreds of freelancers (including myself). I know the book will work for you because every one of these freelancers began to see results as soon as they implemented the material. Leads began responding.

They started winning clients.

Here’s what’s covered:

This book is designed to be a companion to your email writing process. It’s intended to be something you can open up next to gmail and refer back to whenever you want. It’s a resources you can look at quickly and know you’re sending out a great email every time.

To help you find what you’re looking for quickly, I made stuff easy to find. How to start writing is at the beginning. How to end emails is at the end.

In the last year, I’ve helped dozens of freelancers like you make hundreds of thousands of dollars from emailing freelance leads.

That’s great, but that’s not the whole story. There was also another group. This one made nothing. Despite reaching out to the same opportunities, they couldn’t land work. Don’t be in the second group.

The problem isn’t the quality of work you do. It’s that you’re bad at writing emails. I can help. You can send better emails and unlock your dream business.

Buy my (ultra-short) new book on writing great emails.

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You get: A digital copy of the guide in PDF format. Plus a 100% money-back guarantee. I don’t want your money if you’re not satisfied. Read the whole thing and get your money back if you don’t think it’s worth the money.